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Appeals Policy and Process

This document describes the process and rules related to appeals associated with Journal of Financial
Research submissions. This document serves as the basis for an efficient appeals process allowing authors,
referees, and (associate) editors an opportunity to express their views.

1. Justification for an Appeal:
This process is designed to address errors of fact that the authors believe the referee(s) or the
editor(s) made in evaluating the substantive contributions of the original submission. Note that
appeals based on subjective judgments (for example, the importance of the contribution to the
literature), will not be considered.

2. Appeal Submission Period:
Authors must wait at least one month but no more than three months before submitting an

3. Appeal Process:

a.  Author Tasks: To initiate an appeal, the original submitter must send an e-mail to The subject line should read, ‘Appeal Decision on Manuscript JFR-XX-XXXXXX’. In the body of the e-mail, include the PayPal transaction number for payment of the appeals fee (see Section 4) and describe in detail the nature of the appeal.

b.  Editorial Tasks: The editor responsible for the initial submission of the paper will handle
your appeal. In case the decision of the editor is appealed, a different editor will be
appointed to deal with the appeal. Upon receipt, the editor will read over the file and the
accompanying reasons for appealing, and will reach one of the following two decisions.

i) Editorial Denial: The editor denies the appeal and rejects the paper without
further review. This option will be exercised when the editor sees no justification
for the appeal or no future path to publication.

ii) Further Review: The editor sends the appeal to the referee(s)of the initial
submission and one or more additional advisory referees who were not
previously involved in the review. Based on their responses, the editor will decide
whether the appeal is successful or not. If successful, the paper will continue in
the review process, with the usual possibilities of acceptance/rejection.

c.  Regardless of which option the editor chooses, all editorial decisions are final.

4.  Appeal Fee: The fee for an appeal is $500. This fee will be fully refunded for successful appeals
regardless of the eventual editorial decision on your paper. This fee will not be refunded for
unsuccessful appeals, regardless of whether the appeal process proceeds according 3.b.i or

5.  Appeal Limits: Any author of a paper involved in an unsuccessful appeal is prevented from
appealing any future editorial decisions at the JFR for three years from the date of the appeal

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