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A Timeline of the JFR

The Journal of Financial Research was born.

The inaugural issue of the Journal of Financial Research marked the culmination of approximately three years of organizational efforts, coordinating activities, and consultations among representatives of the Southern and Southwestern Finance Associations and Texas Tech University.

Members of both organizations felt a gap in the material covered by established journals of the time. So they set out to develop a journal that would expose its readership to quality financial research that encompassed a broad spectrum of subject areas, while at the same time, maintaining a reasonable degree of readability.

The goal of the JFR was to publish three issues annually with articles that served the interests of the membership of the sponsoring associations, other academicians, and the practitioners of the various business disciplines who have an interest in finance.

The first Issue of the JFR was printed in November 1978.

( Volume 1, Issue 1 View “FROM THE EDITORS” here )

Editors: David F. Scott, Jr. and J. William Petty, II

In the Spring of 1979, the editorial team noted the first issue of the journal – printed in Winter 1978 –was favorably received and resulted in a significant increase in membership of both the Southern and Southwestern Finance Associations.

( Volume 2, Issue 1 View “FROM THE EDITORS” here )

Editors: William P. Dukes, J. William Petty, II, and David. F. Scott, Jr. 

With two years under their belts, David Scott and J. William Petty welcomed William P. Dukes as Executive Editor of the JFR in the Fall of 1979.

In an effort to separate some of the duties in managing the journal, Dukes was brought onboard to oversee the production phase of operations, while Petty and Scott continued making editorial decisions.

( Volume 2, Issue 2 View “FROM THE EDITORS” here )

Executive Editor: David A. Walker

After four years, nine issues, and 72 articles by 127 authors, the JFR moved to Georgetown University with David Walker as the editor.

Because Walker’s primary research focus was on financial institutions, he brought with him two co-editors. Bruce Fielitz helped with submissions related to investments and Rodney Roenfeldt helped with submissions related to managerial finance.

Dr. Annette N. Shelby also joined the team as associate editor for communications. As a professor of business communications, Shelby’s role was to recommend stylistic and related changes for manuscripts recommended for publication through the scholarly review process.

( Volume 5, Issue 1 View “FROM THE EDITOR” here )

The Journal begins quarterly publications with issues in March, June, September and December. The expansion is made possible by the support of Georgetown’s School of Business Administration and the increase in library subscriptions.

To gain further visibility, and the critical funding needed to continue publication, the journal seeks the help of its subscribers by requesting that they ask their universities and local libraries to subscribe to the JFR, if they had not done so already. The JFR later initiates a major direct mail campaign to libraries across the country. At the time, library subscriptions were $10 an issue.

Also in 1983, the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Society for Technical Communication presents the JFR with an award of merit in the annual Technical Communication Contest. The award was for quality of production, which was under the direction of managing editor Judith Grollman.

( Volume 6, Issue 1 View “FROM THE EDITOR” here )

The Southern Finance Association celebrates its 25th anniversary. Article submission fees for the journal were $15 for members and $25 for nonmembers.

A library subscription drive, started in 1983 to gain circulations and visibility for the journal, was reported to be a huge success. By 1984, the JFR had 325 library subscribers, an increase of more than 175 percent in the 36 months prior.

(Volume 7, Issue 4 View “FROM THE EDITOR” here )

Editors: Michael D. Joehnk and Richard Smith

Under the tenure of editors Michael D. Joehnk and Richard Smith, both from Arizona State University, the journal implemented a computerized tracking system. The new technology enable the journal to build a file of more than 550 reviewers and a complete performance record for each.

Beth Kaminski (later Beth Baugh) joined the team as Managing Editor.

(Volume 14, Issue 1 View “FROM THE EDITORS” here )

Editors: Robert Hansen and Arthur J. Keown

Under new editorial management of Robert S. Hansen and Arthur J. Keown, the journal’s physical location moved to Virginia Tech.

Brenda Thacker joined the team as the manager of the journal office and Beth Baugh, former managing editor, became the production editor.

(Volume 16, Issue 4 View “A NOTE FROM THE EDITORS” here )

Editor: William T. Moore

The journal’s management changes hands again, this time to William (Ted) Moore at the University of South Carolina.

Beth Baugh continues her service as production editor.

(Volume 23, Issue 1 View “LETTER FROM THE EDITOR” here )

In Spring 2002, Blackwell Publishers takes over the printing of the journal. Previously, Action Comp served as the journal’s typesetter and the Sheridan Press served as printer.

(Volume 24, Issue 2 View “LETTER FROM THE EDITOR” here )

Editors: Jayant Kale and Gerald Gay

Editors: Scott E. Hein, Jeffrey M. Mercer and Drew B. Winters

The journal becomes part of Wiley’s Accepted Articles and Early View services online.

(Volume 41, Issue 2 View “Accepted Articles (AA) and Early View (EV) Announcement” here)

Editors: Erik Devos, Bill Elliott, and Murali Jagannathan

In Summer 2023, the journal holds its first-ever symposium at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. The symposium mainly focused on financial topics related to Europe, particularly climate change and political tensions and conflicts as they affect (European) financial markets. 

Following the Symposium, the journal published its first special issue in Winter 2023:
“A European perspective on climate change and political tensions and conflicts”

View Volume 46, Issue S1 here

Editors: Brandon Cline, Melissa Woodley and Adam Yore

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