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Wiley-Blackwell has vetted several 3rd party companies who offer professional manuscript editing services. See the Wiley-Blackwell website for more information on correcting English before submission of your manuscript.

  1. Manuscripts should follow the Chicago Manual of Style.
  2. Please edit manuscripts carefully, writing in the active voice. Avoid expressions such as “This paper tests.” Do not use italics to indicate emphasis.
  3. Eliminate excess verbiage and avoid redundancies. In the introduction do not describe the contents of the subsequent sections.
  4. On the title page, include the title, author’s name, author’s affiliation, and personal footnote, if desired. Double-space all text, including abstract, footnotes, and references.
  5. Include a single-paragraph abstract of no more than 100 words after the title page. Place JEL classification code(s) after the abstract.
  6. Use footnotes instead of endnotes. Keep number and length of footnotes to a minimum.
  7. Center primary headings, using Roman numerals. Begin subsection headings at the left margin.
  8. Tables should be able to stand alone. Make column headings descriptive and easily understood. Define all variables and abbreviations.
  9. Number tables and equations with Arabic numbers, and number figures with Roman numerals. Enclose equation numbers in parentheses and place them in the right margin.
  10. Present each table or figure on a separate page. Figures accepted for publication must be available in electronic form.
  11. Cite references in the text by placing the publication date in parentheses, for example:
    • Cornell, B., 1986, Inflation measurements, Inflation risk, and the pricing of Treasury bills , Journal of Financial Research 9, 193-202.
    • Cox, J. and M. Rubinstein, 1983, Option Markets (Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ).
    • Ho, T.S.Y., 1985, The value of a sinking fund provision under interest-rate risk, in E. I. Altman and M.G. Subrahmanyan, eds.: Recent Advances in Corporate Finance (Irwin, Homewood , IL ).

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