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We thank the following most recent previous editors for their years of service:

(2018 – 2023)
Eric Devos

Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Finance at University of Texas at El Paso

William B. Elliott
Edward J. and Louise E. Mellen Chair in Finance and Professor of Finance at John Carroll University

Murali Jagannathan
Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Finance at Binghamton University

Editors: Scott E. Hein, Jeffrey M. Mercer and Drew B. Winters

Editors: Jayant Kale and Gerald Gay

Editor: William T. Moore

Editors: Robert Hansen and Arthur J. Keown

Editors: Michael D. Joehnk and Richard Smith

Executive Editor: David A. Walker

Editors: William P. Dukes, J. William Petty, II, and David. F. Scott, Jr.

Editors: David F. Scott, Jr. and J. William Petty, II

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